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Labs for Social Innovation

We are pleased to present you the final outputs of the project Labs for Social Innovation, carried out by the ESADE’s Institute for Social Innovation and the Robert Bosch Foundation. We would like to thank you for your time, effort and invaluable contribution. This project was made possible because of your active participation in the workshop and the insights we have received through our various conversations and interviews with you. 

The main output of the research is the publication Labs for Social Innovation, which provides an overview of the lab movement and a reference guide with the aim of accumulating knowledge related to the social innovation landscape, so that efforts are not replicated, lessons are learned, and the full potential of labs is realised. We also hope that it becomes a source of inspiration for joined action across sectors, particularly between higher education institutions, foundations, and businesses that want to make a positive social impact.

Below you will also find three videos with insightful answers to a series of questions we asked during our workshop: What is a Social Innovation Lab? What is the role of Foundations and Businesses in the Social Innovation Ladscape? What is the role of universities in addressing social challenges? 

We hope you enjoy reading Labs for Social Innovation and watching the videos!


What is a Social Innovation Lab?

Some participants of the workshop answered to the question what is a social Innovation lab and how do you understand social innovation labs from your point of view. As it is exposed on the publication, there are different kind of labs and it is important to know this variety, their differences and how the principle key actors of this movement understand them in order to start a deeper research on social innovation labs.



What is the role of foundations and business?

The key for social innovation is to bring together different actors that come from different origins, such as foundations and business, and to make them work together to solve social problems. In this section some of the participants of the workshop explain what the role of foundations and business is and give their point of view about how can we mobilize the industry and business community to participate and support social innovation initiatives.



What is the role of higher education? 

Higher education, such as universities, are an environment full of knowledge and talent, ideal to be a part of social innovation labs, which need stakeholders from different areas. Some participants of the workshop explained what the role of higher education and universities in the social innovation landscape is, and they delved into how can social innovation labs employ the talent and resources located in higher education institutions to tackle the challenges they face and increase their impact.



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