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Introducing Social Innovation Policies in Gipuzkoa

About the Participatory Session: This participatory session is framed inside work package 5 (WP5) of the SIC project titled “Policy” which is focused on an increased understanding about how social innovation can contribute to meeting the policy objectives of the European Union and its Member States, and to increase the relevance and effectiveness of public policy related to social innovation. The specific objectives of this WP5 are:

  • To increase policymakers’ awareness, understanding and uptake of effective public policy approaches to support social innovation and build skills and capacity of social innovation networks to engage more effectively with policymakers;
  • To advocate for policy change in key areas that will enable social innovation to be better supported, within and across member states;
  • To regularly review the impact of social innovation on meeting EU policy objectives, providing clear evidence and recommendations on how greater impact can be achieved.

About the theme of the session:

The Regional Government of Gipuzkoa has looked in the last two years to change the ways in which public policies are designed, implemented and communicated to citizens. The need to find new alternative paths, the identification of new social challenges and changes in society, being sensible to citizens’ socioeconomic needs in a constant changing and complex global context, is a reality that needs to be faced. In order to do so, governments around the world are changing the ways in which they relate inside and outside public administrations, opting for new and collaborative approaches to governance processes, and to new ways of “creating public and social value”.

The purpose of this masterclass is to introduce SI policy in a more specific, didactic and defined manner by working along with public managers in the key drivers and barriers they face when developing public policies, and how can SI approaches can be used to design, coordinate and implement social actions that answer adequately to the social challenges of our time.

In this context, the present masterclass will therefore focus on the definition and lecture of SI policy approaches that could potentially influence a Public Policy program called Etorkizuna Eraikiz, which means building the future of public policies ( It will be centred on an active policy experimentation program relating collaborative and public sector innovation projects & initiatives with Public managers, Third Sector Organizations, International Cases, Experts, Local Development Agencies, etc.

Our aim would be to create awareness on different SI policy approaches to be included in this policy program, which is a line of work that we have been following with them for almost a year

Who are we looking for to join us?

  • Public Managers and Civil Servants from the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa
  • Local development agencies and City Councils
  • Third Sector/Social economy organizations working with public administrations in Gipuzkoa in the development of public and social policy programs.
  • Policy makers
  • Social Cooperative
  • 1-2 international experts in public policy and SI: still to be confirmed

Confirmed organizations/representatives so far:

  • Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa- Public managers from the Social Policy Department, Public Function Department, Governance and Communication Departments
  • Agintzari-Social Cooperative
  • Local development Agencies in Gipuzkoa
  • Third sector and social organizations working in the field of social policies