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Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context: Agintzari

Presenting our new series: Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context. Our Cities and Regions network has scoured Europe to bring together the best examples of innovation happening within the urban context. The series includes 14 examples from around Europe. 

Argintzari is a Social Cooperative of public utility located in Bilbao (Basque Country) since 2000. Although deeply engaged in social movements and community development since 1977, the organization didn’t grow to become a social cooperative until 2000. This change was seen as an important step towards growing professionalization and expertise inside their context. The cooperative is mainly focused its work in community development through publicly funded socially innovative projects, community training programs, and delivery of social services oriented towards the social needs of vulnerable and socially excluded sectors of the population.

Agintzari holds three important lines of work. The first line of work is related to Community Intervention, which manages socio-educational and psychosocial services. The second line of work is related to Fostering and Adoption, which manages programs of infant protection through a service called Arlobi Adoptia that is promoted by the cooperative. The third line of work is linked to Intervention in Violence and Relational Conflicts. It manages services, which are part of the Policy Social Services of the Basque Country. Agintzari has strongly influenced the detection of policy failures and the need for the new design of social services inside the Basque local and regional institutions, by improving social policy and having and important effect in Basque social policy, specially in the province of Biscay. Since 2010, the organization has focused in expanding its activities to the whole region and also at the national level.

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