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Gender Equality in Urban Planning and Housing Policies

The massive demonstrations of March 8th on the International Women's Day, highlighted the need to move forward on measures that promote gender equality. This objective is particularly relevant in the field of social rights, such as the right to housing. Just around us, things like how street are named, the design of safe public spaces or the equipment and mobility measures that facilitate conciliation between family and work life have a key impact from a gender perspective. 

Therefore, on the first afternoon of this Conference, the following questions will be addressed; What does "urbanism with a gender perspective" mean? What practical measures can be adopted to include the gender perspective into the design of our cities? What examples can we find in other local and regional administrations in this regard? Professionals from the institutional, academic and civil society sectors will provide examples that would allow to focus the debate on practical measures.

The gender approach in housing policies is also essential for the realization of this right. The design of the different measures that seek to expand the social and affordable housing stock, diversify tenure regimes or address emergency housing, require to include gender equity in order to meet these objectives more efficiently. Residential exclusion or energy poverty are phenomena that mostly affect women and therein, the measures to address them, should take this into account. 

This way, on the second and last afternoon of the Conference, the questions to be addressed are; What diagnosis and instruments exist to incorporate the gender perspective? How to include the gender perspective into territorial planning from public administrations? What analyzes are carried out by leading civil society organizations in the defense of the right to housing?

This Conference has been planned to host wide participation through short presentations and debates. It will take place on the afternoons of Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of November, from 4pm to 8pm., Room 04 at El Sario, UNESCO Chair - Public University of Navarra.  

Please find the programme attached.