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Co-Creating the Dreams of Newcomers and Locals for a more Inclusive Future


When we dream together we can go so much farther then when we dream alone.

That’s why SINGA Spain, with the support of Barcelona Activa, is hosting a “Co-creation of Dreams” on Feb. 16 in Barcelona, where newcomers, which can be refugees, migrants or others in risk of social exclusion, and locals work together to ‘hack’ their dreams and turn them into a reality.

SINGA is an international movement that was born in France in 2012 in response to the refugee ‘crisis’ and is now present in seven countries and 17 different cities in Europe and globally. In a world of increasing social division, with far right parties popping up in every country, the goal is simple: build bridges between newcomers and locals. The DNA of SINGA is that interacting and sharing interests, projects and passions builds those bridges, dismantles hate and division, and allows newcomers to contribute their talents to their new homes.

SINGA Spain launched in Fall 2018 in Barcelona and has been hosting different workshops and events across the city where locals and newcomers can meet and build friendships. Now, with the ‘Co-creation of Dreams’ we go a step further and invite participants to come and work on their life projects, whether entrepreneurial, professional, or creative in a collaborative environment.

First, participants form ‘Dream Teams,’ teams of locals and newcomers with complementary projects, because when you have the support of your peers you can go much farther and stay more motivated than if you are alone. This also creates and environment where newcomers and locals are collaborating in a peer to peer, egalitarian relationship.

Next, participants are run through a Design Thinking process which helps them identify what their dreams are, prioritize them, and identify their underlying motivations. They then build a roadmap of actions they can take to achieve their dream as well as understanding the resources they have and what they need to make it happen.

Then, during the event they are connected resources to help them realise their dreams. This includes mentors who will give them feedback on their action plans and presenting their dreams in a ‘Pitch Night’ where actors of the Barcelona, Spanish and European ecosystem (businesses, NGOs, and others) are invited to attend and commit to supporting the dreams in different ways including mentorship, internship offers, training etc.

Afterwards, participants are offered continued support in the form of incubation through SINGA and its partners continued relationships with mentors.

The ultimate goal is to not only support newcomers and locals to develop their dreams, but also to change the narrative from one of newcomers needing aid and support to people who have their own dreams and goals they are motivated to realize. We are also seeking to catalyze the Barcelona ecosystem and drive opportunities for cross-organizational collaboration.

If you are interested in participating in the event as a mentor or invitee and / or working together to build a more inclusive Europe? Get in touch.