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Call for Good Practices Social Inclusion

An annual call for good practices will be organized by the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion  in two categories:

  • Social Labour Inclusión
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship

What they are looking for:

Innovation. Projects aiming for the socio-labour inclusion of disadvantaged groups: answering new challenges, using new methodologies and approaches; transforming difficult realities into opportunities; initiating social change.

Inspiration: social innovation is not about competitiveness, but cooperation through: scalable and transferable projects; openness and flexibility, with the aim of sharing and cooperating; willingness to improve and develop through alliances.

Impact. Projects that generate transformation processes: causing changes in people and society; seeking efficiency and effectiveness; looking for a sustainable impact

Inclusion. The final destination of all these efforts is the social inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion: through social innovation transform their vulnerability into resilience; empowering them and supporting them to get their own livelihoods; satisfying their needs, helping them solve their problems.

How to Participate?

You can download here the TERMS OF REFERENCE of the call for proposals.

In order to participate, you must fill the application form and send it by email to:  before the 15th of October.

Three finalists in each category will be chosen according the evaluation criteria. One of the three finalists will be presented with the award at the European event organized in the framework of this network.

A study visit will be organized to the winners in each category. The remaining finalists together with the network coordinators will also participate in the study visits.

For more information: European Network of Social Inclusion


What is the European Network of Social Innovation?

Action Against Hunger launches a new network at the European level to promote social innovation among social entities, companies, public administrations, etc. as a tool to create a more inclusive European labour market.

This network aims to build a more innovative social inclusive ecosystem, helping different organizations develop successful European employment and entrepreneurship projects through the exchange of good practices and participation in European programs.

You can participate in the network as a member or as a coordinator in a European country.

The network is co-financed by the European Social Fund in Spain under the Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Social Economy 2014-2020, as a transnational cooperation project.