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Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context: Nova Iskra

Presenting our new series: Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context. Our Cities and Regions network has scoured Europe to bring together the best examples of innovation happening within the urban context. The series includes 14 examples from around Europe. 

Nova Iskra is an educational and research platform for design, architecture, new technologies, social theory and practice. At the same time it is one of the first co-working spaces for the professionals related to creative industries in Serbia. Relaying on design-thinking methodology as the basis for conceiving, developing and testing contemporary ideas and concepts, Nova Iskra examines and supports the development of innovative, alternative and sustainable models of education, organization and production through collaborative work, experimentation and critical reflection.

Nova Iskra is conducting its operation on three levels:

  1. Through running and renting an inspiring and dynamic space for work and creative collaboration - COWORKING
  2. Through initiating projects and organizing various lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations for young professionals on various topics (sustainable production, alternative organization, green economy, new technology, design, architecture and entrepreneurship ) - EDUCATION PLATFORM
  3. Through creating business connections between professionals from the field of creative industries and private and public sectors - CREATIVE STUDIO.

Their multifaceted platform embraces the design process as a starting point for developing problem-solving ideas, projects and services by joining them with tailor-made, transdisciplinary teams comprised of leading experts, professionals and creatives. They use progressive ideas and experiences from the creative domain as tools to empower, update and develop small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to provide creative and business support to entrepreneurs, on a local or global level. One of the NOVA ISKRA objectives is supporting and enhancing the status of vulnerable and marginalized groups (youth, women, rural households) by placing the emphasis on developing knowledge and skills, creating employment, enabling inclusive participation in the labour market and general wellbeing of all people.

By managing design and employing innovation, they discover new values in the fields of creative business, education, social improvement and empowerment of local communities.

The initiative NOVA ISKRA addressed job search and matching, self-employment, social entrepreneurship, training and education, workplace innovation and organizational innovation.

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