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Smog is not just a problem of Krakow, but the entirity of Poland, where
about 40,000 people die prematurely every year – that is more than 13
times as many deaths as those caused by car accidents. The situation is
even worse at the global scale, where outdoor pollution cause 3,3
million premature deaths and predictions are even more disturbing:
smog will cost us 1% of global GDP by 2060 (OECD, IEA).

Smogathon is unique event, both in Poland and internationally, where
we focus on fighting smog with technology and innovations. The aim of this
action is to help projects in various science and business fields to
fight smog.

After last year's success, this year Smogathon Bootcamp will be the first
worldwide event of its kind – encouraging people to fight real
problems and focus international resources on overcoming them. Finals will be
based in Krakow, but projects from all over the world will be invited
to participate. This year winner gets a huge price – at least 100,000
zlotych (about $25 000) for project’s development. No strings

One day Bootcamp (24h) will be hosted at Krakow Technology Park on
26th-27th of November. The final will be hosted at Centum.Kijow (old Kino
Kijow) on 28th of November 2017.

You can check out our video here – it has been seen by
30,000 people on Facebook. We need to find a solution, so we must
look everywhere.

That is why next year we are planning something even bigger. We want
to organize Smogathon Bootcamp 2017, alike this year – a Bootcamp in Krakow
for 25 projects and final for about 10. However, we also want to
organize at least 5 semi-finals all around the world, where finalists
will be selected (3 from each, the rest from open application).
Semi-finals are planned in May 2017 in New York, Los Angeles/San
Francisco, Berlin, London/Warsaw and Beijing/Tokyo. 

More information is available at


Our partners are European Commission (representation in
Poland), Alior Bank, Electrolux, Krakow Technology Park, Codewise and
Krakowian Smog Alarm.