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SIEMACHA Association: Fighting for a better future for children & youths

SIEMACHA is a dynamic non-profit organization fighting for a better future for children and youths. In today’s world, which creates generations of passive consumers, they inspire young people to become creative citizens. They run a network of “modern playgrounds” that provide young people with all the facilities they need for their personal and social growth. SIEMACHA’s playgrounds are carefully designed, equipped with the highest quality materials and located in convenient places. They believe young people need an attractive space for social development outside of the home and school. Supporting the youth of today and creating the future leaders of society is at the core of SIEMACHA’s mission. 

Social activity must face the challenges of a fast-changing world. SIEMACHA works by carefully observing the reality of society, drawing conclusions that lead to acitons that overcome the existing schemes of non-profit activity. They combine proven ideas with the needs of today’s world, believing that that’s how social innovations become reality. Since, for instance, more and more young people waste their time in shopping malls, this is where an appealing educational offer should find its place. That’s the founding idea of the world’s first “modern playground” located in shopping mall. However, they also have many more such achievements:


Day Care Centres in shopping malls

  • the world’s first youth centre in a shopping mall
  • innovative response to modern challenges
  • turning passive consumers into creative citizens

Educational village in Odporyszów

  • the first Polish 24/7 Child Care Centre built from scratch
  • swimming pool, football pitch, stable and orchard 
  • upbringing through close contact with nature

Com-Com Zone Development Centres

  • community and commercial goals synergy
  • education, sport and therapy under one roof
  • innovative centres of social economy

Counseling and therapy centres

  • healing with words and dialogue
  • free psychotherapeutic support for individuals and families
  • therapy free from shame and stigma

SIEMACHA in numbers:

  • 30 venues in Poland
  • 110 children in 24/7 Care Centres
  • 300 qualified employees
  • 700  young athletes
  • 1000 therapy meetings each month
  • 1500 children in Day Care Centres
  • 20 000 sq metres of the operating unit
  • 6 mln Euro social investment in 2015

'As a strong Polish social organization we are interested in participating in international networks for public stakeholders, social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. There is still so much to be done in the field of social activity. Both venture philanthropy and social economy seem to promise a lot of good changes. We will do our best for the effective development of children and youths.'


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