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The concept of social innovation has not been widely used under such a term in Poland until the beginning of the 21st century. Prior to, Poland mainly used phrases such as “social change” and “institutionalization of change.” The term “innovation” was used primarily in the context of new technologies, market products, and services. The discussion around social innovation in Poland is still at an early stage.

This does not mean that the Polish society has no experience in the creation and dissemination of social innovation. At this point, the relationship of social innovation with a social entrepreneurship should be considered as the most important. It is believed that this type of entrepreneurship will provide new solutions to deal with the wider issues of social mobilization and social inclusion. Social entrepreneurs in Poland are seen as innovators and local leaders who discover and implement new ways to manage resources and activities in relation to areas such as unemployment, social exclusion, environmental protection, and employment of people with disabilities. 

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