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Connecting actors working on refugee integration

Integration Day

Connecting actors working on refugee integration


What’s the problem?

As in most European countries, Norway has seen a recent increase in the number of refugees seeking and receiving asylum in the country. Helping newcomers integrate into the local society comes with many challenges, one of which is their limited access to the workforce, even in places like Oslo with its very low unemployment rates and generally ample job opportunities.


What’s the solution?

The solution aims to facilitate cross-sector collaborations and communication for all the various initiatives, public offices, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and private sector employers in Oslo who are working to include refugees in the workforce. Through a series of regular breakfast events the team will facilitate connections between these relevant actors, and help them organise and familiarise themselves with all the other initiatives that exist in this field. The solution also incorporates an online idea platform called Nosco, to better create a community around concrete ideas and collaborations that is also accessible when participants are unable to meet face-to-face.



  • Series of events
  • Online idea platform



  • Integration
  • Work and employment
  • Education
  • Language training
  • Skills & work training
  • Cultural exchange



  • Employers (public and private sector)
  • NGOs
  • (Social) entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • Refugees
  • Unit for Inclusion and Diversity



  • Spur more social innovation in the field by facilitating cross-sector collaborations
  • For innovators and enthusiasts to connect, get inspired and to work together more efficiently
  • Extending the meeting beyond the situated events and spark a reflection process between a larger group which may lead to new connections and social innovations


How is the solution innovative within the local context?

There are many meetings, breakfast seminars, conferences etc. but none that are held regularly, in a neutral space, inviting cross-sectoral actors, and none including an online tool. The solution can be replicated anywhere - in any city, any country. What it requires is one or more organisations willing to host all the different actors who in different ways are involved in the issue, and funding to organize the work.



The team has applied for additional funding from the Municipality of Oslo.


Stage of development

  • Idea developed and applied for funding
  • First events have been organised successfully


This innovation was developed during a co-creation process facilitated by SoCentral and supported by the Social Innovation Community.