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SIE interviews Corline van Es on Scouting with SIE

Corline van Es is working as a project manager and adviser in the field of social innovation and online citizen media projects in cooperation with a range of organisations, a.o. Kennisland, the Municipality of The Hague and the Utrecht School of Arts, in the Netherlands.

Corline takes a special interest in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and online citizen media.

Why have you become involved in social innovation, as an idea, and as a way of doing things?

For me it came natural. Social innovation for me has to do with building unlikely networks, working together to getting things done. Good things. I have always done this naturally. Working at Kennisland for 4,5 years brought me insight tools and methods to integrate in the projects I work in.

Why did you want to become part of the SIE Scouts network?

I am a fan of SIX*! No honestly, I think it’s important to share what you do, it is an easy way to share best practices and interests.

Today, what is your favourite socially innovative organization or practice?

Recently I started working at the Open-Coop, a cooperative working space of architects, activists, hackers, artists, you name it. I have never been in an environment where cooperation and inspiration comes so naturally.

I also am very impressed by organisations who dare to open up for new ways of working and innovating. Like Hivos, for whom I am doing a project at the moment 

*SIX--the Social Innovation Exchange--is leading the consortium delivering the Social Innovation Europe initiative.