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SIC European School of Social Innovation 2016

To see the slides presented at the event, check here.

On 20-23 September, the Social Innovation Community (SIC), an initiative funded by the H2020 Programme, will be hosting its first Summer School on 'Urban Social Innovation', in collaboration with Tilburg University's European Social Innovation Week 2016 in the Netherlands.

Why urban social innovations are needed?

  • most of the world’s population lives in cities, above average in Europe;
  • Urban areas are laboratories of change in which science, industry, creative sectors and diverse groups of the population interact;
  • Cities face challenges in terms of inequality and diversity, economic viability and sustainability and the resilience of infrastructures and services.
  • They must and can develop social innovations in order to address these challenges. 

For four days, you are invited to attend top-class lectures on the topics of ‘municipalities and cultural change’, ‘the role of intermediaries on urban social innovation’ and ‘development of urban social innovation ecosystems’. There will be presentations of good practice examples and break-out sessions where you have the opportunity to discuss experiences and develop solutions. On the fourth day, a participatory workshop will be conducted to create visions and strategies for the set-up of the SIC network.  

The Summer School is targeted at decision makers, representatives of municipalities, (social) enterprises, researchers and students. There is no participation fee but registration is mandatory.

Register your place here.