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A recipe book for social finance

Tue, Dec 19, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM GMT


How can social investors be more responsive to the needs of social enterprises? Can social entrepreneurs benefit from external finance without drifting away from their mission?

'A Recipe Book for Social Finance' is a practical guide, designed for practitioners such as social enterprises, investors, social finance intermediaries, market builders and social enterprise support organisations.

This publication will guide practitioners step by step through the process of designing and implementing initiatives to develop social finance instruments and markets. Dana Verbal, Policy Officer Social Entrepreneurship at the European Commission will provide the policy context of the guide and highlight the relevance to practitioners across Europe. Eva Varga, co-author, will introduce you to the Recipe Book and take you through the seven steps.

The webinar will be moderated by Stephen Barnett, CEO of Euclid Network. Please visit our brand new Euclid Summit 2018 (The Hague, 11-12 April) webpage to explore ecosystems for social impact more

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