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The Digital Identity of Cities

The Digital Identity of Cities

In this post-fact world of misinformation, cities sometimes struggle to get their message across. Throughout Europe, cities are tackling the big challenges: climate change; demographic shifts; integration of migrants. The list goes on.

At the same time, they look for ways to maintain trust and dialogue with citizens and stakeholders – internal and external. They are also looking to create spaces – real and virtual – to incubate and sustain new ideas.

Increasingly, like most organisations, city authorities are making use of social media. This can be an effective platform to convey complex ideas. It can also offer ways to build a two-way connection to citizens. But few cities do this well.  

In response to this, Eddy Adams and Abhay Adhukari have designed a Digital Identities workshop aimed specifically at the needs of cities.

The Digital Identities workshop has previously run in 10 countries, commissioned by organisations such as Google, Nesta and the British Council. The co-production strategy introduced in the workshop led to the development of the Urban Sustainable Development Lab, which has been selected as one of UK's 50 New Radicals by the Observer and Nesta.

Digital Identities for Cities is a one-off event, taking place in Amsterdam on 16th March 2017. The focus will be on building city’s social media capabilities and in particular their capacity to create a strong coherent digital identity. You can sign up for the session here.

For more information and the full agenda, please see here