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Transforming solutions to community problems in Dublin

Read Innovate Dublin's recent report on design thinking as a stratagy for social innovation in communities, and the way Dublin is forming solutions to community problems.  

Innovate Dublin Director, Professor Ronnie Munck, gives a brief overview of social innovation in Ireland as a forward:

'The concept of ‘social innovation’ captures a generalised mood that the old way of doing things has reached its limits. Business as usual is not a viable option in just about all domains of social life. Going beyond traditional social regeneration strategies we are now exploring new partnerships and new ways of doing things which put people first.' 

'Transformative social innovation is not only about new ways of doing things and organising but about new ‘ways of knowing’ that will create new understandings of complex social reality and will allow us to transform social relations. It is about creating a space where we can engage in social learning that will advance social inclusion.' 

'Higher education can bring its research capacity to the table and we know the value of evidencebased policy and practice. Community-based research can act as a catalyst for social innovation. Together we can not only solve practical problems bur re-examine our beliefs and practices about society in a spirit of creative innovation.'