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How TickerFit is revolutionising healthcare

Increasingly, concerns are mounting over the prescription of medicines, the necessity of the prescription, and what this is doing in the long run to decrease the effectiveness of certain medications for patients in need.

Professionals are discovering that rather than relying on antibiotics, patients can be advised to simply exercise more and eat the right things in order to relieve their discomforts.

TickerFit is not only helping to implement and spread this idea in Ireland, but works to make sure professionals can advise individual treatments for each patient and their unique situations. 

TickerFit is a unique cloud based application which empowers health professionals, enabling them to provide personalised lifestyle interventions for each patient, based on their current health status. For the first time, health professionals can now easily prescribe and monitor lifestyle interventions using an easy to use web based application and passive monitoring using smartphone or wearable devices. Results are tracked in realtime using web based technologies so improved outcomes may easily be measured and analysed.

The benefits of lifestyle interventions are now widely accepted and now, are easily delivered. TickerFit is a unique personalised programme delivered using un-intrusive mobile and web based technologies.

The Health Innovation Hub was launched in September (2016) in Ireland and already they are working to bring many projects to fruition. At the same time, TickerFit was being piloted. The two are now working together to assess the effectiveness of the intervention in improving the patient’s minutes of activity, steps and physiological markers and to assess the acceptability and usability for the health professional.

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