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Innovation in Government: The New Normal

The conference builds on the work of the OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, launched at the 2014 Conference “Innovating the Public Sector: from ideas to impact”, including a number of research studies funded by a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research programme.

Public services as innovative systems

What is the context for innovation and what are the opportunities? Where is it best to intervene and how? This element of the conference will explore the ‘big picture’ for public sector innovation and the trends and forces of disruption shaping the operating environment, and how governments are responding, including through the use of systems approaches.

Public administrations that enable innovation

What does the changing operating environment for governments mean for how organisations can use innovative approaches to deliver improved value for citizens? What are the roles that different parts of the ecosystem (including private sector, development organisations and civil society actors) can play in helping realise this? This element of the conference will look at the enablers and conditions that can help organisations systematically apply innovation to where they most need new approaches.

Equipping public servants with the ability to innovate

What are the skills, tools and support that people need to succeed in innovative organisations? How do we ensure that public servants can use new skills and techniques to deliver innovation projects within government settings? This element of the conference will look at the skills, tools and methods that public servants may need to master if they are to make the most of the opportunities provided by innovative government.

About The Conference

The conference centres around four tracks that countries have identified to OPSI as being of high importance. The conference will also have dedicated spaces for “unconferences” and talks on inspiring examples and experiences. The tracks are:

  • Transforming government: Rebuilding the systems, cultures, and technology approaches for a 21st century government.  
  • Innovation methods & tools: Investigating frameworks, skills, and methods to unlock creativity and innovation, and embed them in the day-to-day work of public servants.
  • Re-imagining boundaries: Re-imagining the role of government and moving beyond the four walls of the bureaucracy.
  • Innovation for development: Innovating for sustainable development across the globe (mini-track).