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Danish Designer Wear - Made by Women in Prison

'Poverty is the main casue of incarceration all over the world'

A Danish project has been launched on kickstarter after having much success in Peru. It employs women in prisons to use their skills to make clothes, which can then be sold. By doing so, this project tackles issues associated with womens incarceration, providing them with an outlet for their skills and a sense of purpose whilst in prison.  

'In Peru, the number of women in prison has doubled the past 15 years. The majority are sentenced for drug-trafficking, and go under the name of 'drug mules'. The drug cartels target girls from poor backgrounds, often the young, beautiful and pregnant girls, because they have better chances of getting through customs. These girls often get sentences of 8 - 15 years behind bars.'

'We go where the best and most sustainable materials meet the highest rate of poverty-related crime for women. Our purpose is to give women in prison fair wages and new skills so they can provide for themselves and their children, and break the spiral of poverty. We envision a new world of fashion, where each piece of clothing helps solve a problem instead of creating one.'

'Our first collection is made from 100% baby alpaca wool and made by women in prison in Cusco, Peru.' Each item is made with a hand knitting machine and you will find the name of the woman who made it inside every garment. 


To read the full story and show your support, please see here.