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New economy models and social innovation: an opportunity for a better Europe. 16 February, Brussels

In the last couple of years, the combination of opportunities brought about by the digital revolution and the emergence of new consumer behaviours and aspirations have triggered radical change in the way we buy, exchange or even value goods and services, also known new economy models.Their impact on businesses, consumers and workers is considerable. As the European voice of civil society, we have recognised both the potential of these new models for Europe's sustainability as well as the uncharted legal territory they bring with them. In 2016, we published opinions on the circular economy, the functional economy and the collaborative economy, proposing innovative solutions to complex issues thrown up by so-called disruptors.

The next step we are taking now is to join forces with the Global Hub for the Common Good to enrich the European debate with input from communities directly involved in these new economies. Organising this conference together, we will be introducing a practical dimension by inviting SMEs and other stakeholders to share their experiences and exchange best practices.

Want to share your views and experience or know more about the new economies and their impact? Join us on 16 February 2017 in Brussels from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Registration is now open till 14 February, and while it is free of charge, seating is limited.

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