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Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation, conclusive conference in Brussels, 20 February

The ITSSOIN project (Impact of the Third Sector as SOcial INnovation) investigates the impact of the Third Sector and civic engagement on society, which goes beyond their economic benefits or the natural virtue of caring for others.

Project purpose

Since it is hard to establish causality and to measure social properties when investigating impact, especially at the level of society, ITSSOIN will narrow down Third Sector impact to one priority aspect: social innovation – understood as the capacity of non-profit organizations to generate novel ideas, ways and means of doing things, of addressing public and social problems of many kinds.

The conclusive conference will be held at the representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels on Monday, February 20, 2017 and is coordinated by the Centre for Social Investment (CSI), University of Heidelberg. Please find the programme attached.

In a short and concise meeting we want to present and discuss the questions: (1) Who spurs social innovation in Europe and which organisational traits enable drivers of social innovation to take that position? (2) Is the Third Sector really better placed to promote social innovation than businesses and public agencies?

We will make the conference: Concise, interactive, and guided by key insights. We will leave lots of time and space for you to engage. Come and benefit from the knowledge ITSSOIN has produced, pose your questions, and discuss with us and a diverse audience of practitioners, policy makers and researchers!

Please register now via the ITSSOIN website.

Recommendations on accommodation will be available soon on the registration site. For those whose participation would be made impossible by the costs associated with travel, we have a limited budget for helping you cover expenses. When registering you will need to indicate, if and why you are in need of financial support. We will decide on your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Should you have immediate questions, please get in touch with and