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Final IESI Conference: ICT-Enabled Social Innovation, Brussels, 14-15 March

ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the implementation of the EU Social Investment Package', Brussels, Belgium, 14-15 March 2017

The objectives of the Final IESI Conference are to present, discuss and validate the results of the IESI research project and in particular:

1) the findings of the IESI Consolidated Mapping and thematic analyses;

2) the proposed theoretical and methodological approach underpinning the framework to assess the social and economic impacts of ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives promoting social investment (i-FRAME2.0).


The Final IESI Conference will also serve to shape policy recommendations and outline future research directions. The draft agenda is attached to the right on this page. 

The event will start on 14th March at 9h00 and will end on 15th March at 17h30.

It will take place at: Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 101, 1040, Brussels, Belgium (room JDE 52)

For administrative and security reasons please confirm your attendance by registering here. (Name of the event is Final IESI Conference)

Please notice that ID information is a mandatory field otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the Conference's venue.

Due to the high number of requests to participate, we managed to book a bigger room, able to accommodate approx. 120 participants, but please consider that in any case the rule is first-come first-served.

For any questions on the workshop’s content, please contact me ( and copying Gianluca ( For any administrative matters please contact Maria Dolores Romero (