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1 week left to apply! 2017 European Social Innovation Competition: Application deadline 7th April

European Social Innovation Competition: application deadline is fast approaching!

This year, the competition is aiming to 'reboot' equality and shape our future society by inspiring Europeans to provide fresh, energetic approaches to digital inclusion, connectivity and skills development.

The competition - Equality Rebooted - is looking for inspiring ideas, large and small, from people all around Europe who believe in building a truly inclusive economy and making the most of skills and technologies to close the gap in our society. Ideas could include, but are not limited to:

  • New technologies and business models that make the digital economy more inclusive or use collaborative solutions to reduce inequality;
  • Innovations that empower disadvantaged people to fully participate in the digital economy and gain revenue from employment or entrepreneurship;
  • Initiatives that equip those at risk of being shut out of the labour market with the appropriate skills to shape the knowledge economy, such as creativity, communication or problem-solving;
  • Solutions to protect and support low wage/skilled workers in the evolving labour market. 

You can apply if you're an entrepreneur, innovator, student, designer, maker, tech enthusiast, educator, an individual or part of an organisation from throughout the European Union and in countries participating in the European Horizon 2020 programme.

The competition will help the most innovative ideas to achieve sustainable impact. Thirty of the most promising applications will be chosen as semi-finalists and will be invited to a social innovation academy in Madrid to progress their ideas.

The three most effective projects will each be awarded with a prize of €50,000 at the awards ceremony in October 2017 in Brussels.

Applications are open until 7 April 2017 (12:00 noon Brussels time). For full details, click here.


Follow the competition on Twitter: @EUSocialInnov

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