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Impact Finance

Human rights or sustainable food trade? Safety for women or jobs for autistic people? Cooperative, association or GmbH? There are many social problems and many different approaches. In this workshop, the financing instruments will be examined and the connections between fields of activity, forms of organization and financing possibilities will be shown. In the end, each participant should have a good understanding of what "impact investing" means. Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl from the European Center for Social Finance will be responsible for this workshop.

The workshop takes place in cooperation with the Social City Vienna.

The Social Innovation Academy offers tailor-made workshops and online training for socially-innovative players and those who want to create social innovations themselves.

From 5 September to 10 December 2018 , free online training courses and Austria-wide workshops will be offered on the following topics:

  • Social Innovation Policies
  • Social Business
  • Impact Investing
  • Technology for Social Innovation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Active Citizenship
  • Social Impact Assessment

Register for the online courses on the Social Innovation Academy website.