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SIE Report: Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation

Louise Pulford, Ryan Little and Shagana Ehamparam

On 22-23 June, Social Innovation Europe and the BMW Foundation hosted the “Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation” in Berlin, Germany. The event gathered 70 participants from many sectors. Participants worked in European social enterprises, NGOs, funding and policy, but attendees came from as far as Canada, Malaysia and Hong Kong to Berlin, Germany, which is quickly gaining a reputation as a major centre of creativity and social innovation, particularly with respect to the sharing economy and maker movements. 

The following report highlights some of the key discussions of the gathering. It draws on the opinions and perspectives of many of the participants. In particular, we would like to thank Daniel Hires, Eddie Razak, Emma Clarence, Fabian Suwanprateep, Kelsey Spitz, Mirjam Wingelaar, Nina Cejnar, Phillipp von der Wippel, Sandra Campe and Sam Hopley for allowing us to share their views.

Read it here: Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation