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SUMSIC: Social Innovation Ecosystems

5th Summer School: Budapest, Hungary 2018

In collaboration with with ESSI (the European School of Social Innovation) and in partnership with IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry, the SIC is hosting the 5th Summer School.

We will be bringing social innovation experts from across the globe to meet local practitioners and experts to Budapest, Hungary and hope you can join us! The event is free of charge (register now before it's too late).

Theme: SI Ecosystems

Moving away from traditional governance models, a growing number of cities are developing new approaches to both identify local issues and find solutions, engaging citizens not only in consultation but also in co-design and co-production.

Given this context, there is a strong rationale for building a Summer School in Budapest to support a process of diffusion of this new culture to help policy makers, intermediaries, innovators and citizens:

  1. Understand the potentialities and the outputs/outcomes of SI;
  2. Capture effective business models underpinning SI and balancing social value with economic sustainability;
  3. Co-create strategies for replication and scalability.

Call for Registration *IT'S FREE*
Date: 24-27 Sept 2018
City: Budapest, Hungary
Venue: Danubius Hotel Arena (1148 Budapest Ifjúság útja 1-3.)
Register HERE:
Contact: Tamás Kavecsánszki (


  1. Aleksandra Kowalska, Europe Association for Information on Local Development
  2. Alvaro Luna, Sinnergiak
  3. Antonius Schröder, European School of Social Innovation
  4. Caroo Torfs, Food Savers
  5. Christoph Kaletka, TU Dortmund University
  6. Dimitri Berliner, Communa
  7. Dimitri Domanski, TU Dortmund University
  8. Eva Voros, NESsT Hungary
  9. Francesca Rizzo, University of Bologna
  10. Hans-Werner Franz, European School of Social Innovation
  11. Monica Nagore, Social Innovation Community Project (H2020)
  12. Pauline Graham, Social Firms Scotland
  13. Sohpie Buchel, DRIFT
  14. Stella Kalac, SIL
  15. Victoria Boelman, The Young Foundation

Hosted by
Social Innovation Community with ESSI (the European School of Social Innovation) and in partnership with IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry.

Summer school’s overall objective

The overarching aim of the Summer School is to better understand SI as an inclusive urban phenomenon that is flourishing in European cities (through creative communities, fab labs, living labs, co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators of SI, etc.) and to reconnect it with the ecosystem conditions and dynamics that influence its development and replication.

About SIC Summer School

The SIC Summer Schools are participatory learning events that happen all over Europe. Each Summer School includes inspirational keynote speakers, participatory hands-on learning through case-based workshops, site visits in the region and personal capacity building.
Participants can include researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and social entrepreneurs. The SIC Schools provide a chance for you to meet your peers, learn about local and global case studies, share your challenges, and work with other participants to develop solutions together. 

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