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Hot Topic Workshop: Social & Service Innovation

If you are interested in the linkage between social innovation and service innovation from a research perspective, you are cordially ivited to participate in our international workshop on September 20th, 10.30 am - 4 pm, here in Vienna at ZSI/ Centre for Social innovation.

This workshop takes place in the context of the H2020 project SIC ( which brings together actors and networks of social innovation beyond the usual domains. Our workshop takes place in the work package "research" which explores research on/with/ and for social innovation. It has taken stock of various areas of social innovation research and aims to create further impact on auspicious research topics and collaborations.

The overall idea of the workshop is to combine perspectives on service and social innvation. We assume that many social innovations that address societal challenges take the shape of services and vice versa. Service innovations often require or generate complementary (or compensatory) social innovations. These interrelations can be synergetic or not. They may also create new tensions, for example between democratisation/participation and commodification, inclusion or exploitation etc. This may occur especially in those instances where both public and private sector actors aim to externalise the risky or costly parts of the innovation (often located on the "last mile" to end users)  to volunteers, precarious workers and/or crowds. However, digital social innovations, the sharing and platform economies do not provide the only examples, and we shall gather examples and case studies from diverse public and private domains (health, labour market, energy, social entrepreneurship ...).

We would like you to present a short, stimulating contribution (ca. 10 minutes) on one of the subjects suggested (see attachment), with a theoretical/conceptual angle or a case study and will spend much time on facilitated discussion. Of course, flyers, posters  and publications of your relevant projects are also welcome. The results will feed into a roadmap for further developing social innovation research  that will be created by the SIC project - and we will also give some space to envisioning possible cooperations.

We are pleased to cover your travel and accommodation cost. As our budget is limited as usual, please let us know as soon as possibe if you can participate (ideally, until July 31st, 2018).

If you are interested to participate, please send an email to Maria Schwarz-Wölzl ( and Martina Lindorfer (

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